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Vasantha Yoga for Health and Fitness was founded in 1991 in San Jose, California by Vasanthi Bhat, an internationally recognized yoga teacher, author, publisher, and producer. Vasanthi realized from the beginning that in order to derive the maximum benefits of Yoga, it cannot be learnt and practiced in a “one size fits all” environment, and therefore must be customized to suit individual needs. She therefore developed a gentle style of hatha yoga teaching that enables students to work at their own pace and to adapt yoga as an integral part of their lives. Her primary emphasis is in providing therapeutic benefits through Yoga. She customizes her teaching to the individual’s physical, mental and physiological needs.

Vasanthi is the sole instructor at Vasantha Yoga. This enables her to develop full understanding of the student’s requirement and provide uniform and consistent interface with the student. Vasanthi's gentle calming voice creates a soothing and supportive environment; one in which students feel comfortable to achieve the positions to their ability, rather than to an image of the ideal. She believes in “your body is the temple to your soul" (Mahatma Gandhi) and in order to honor your soul you must honor your body in its own unique and special way. She helps her students understand their bodies, and also themselves in the process.

Vasanthi has been teaching Yoga for over 45 years. In addition to the classes at her own studio, she has conducted classes at various companies such as Intel, Nortel, Novartis, Roche Medical, Genentech and DeAnza College, over the years. She has been teaching Yoga to people of all ages (from age 5 to 95) and people with all kinds of ailments. Vasanthi’s specialty in hatha yoga teaching is to combine asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing), and meditation so students can achieve maximum healing and obtain a sense of well being.

Vasanthi has helped people relieve back pain from herniated, ruptured or slipped disc, computer related ailments affecting eye strain, neck pain and carpal tunnel syndrome, and many other ailments. Many were benefited for insomnia, hypertension, ulcer and other stomach disorders. Vasanthi’s teachings have helped heal breast lumps, fibroids in 8th month of pregnancy, improved coping with long existing Leukemia and fibromyalgia, controlled diabetes, helped reversal of heart ailments, and prevention of surgery for glaucoma and cataract, just to mention a few. Not only has her guidance helped people with physical ailments but also with emotional setbacks. Incorporating meditation techniques with asanas, she has helped people relieve stress, overcome depression and develop mutual understanding and respect, leading to resolution of long lasting misunderstandings. Vasanthi has helped children to improve concentration, self-esteem and eyesight, and relieve disorders like allergies and asthma.

Vasanthi has conducted numerous seminars and TV programs in US and abroad. She has authored and published two books on Hatha Yoga, four CDs on Meditation and eighteen DVDs on yoga practice for specific needs (please see below).

What Vasantha Yoga Students say:

"Vasanthi’s book is like a bible to me. It is worth the weight of gold. I carry it wherever I go. It is full of information. "

- Marianne Welti-Hinds, Vice President, Sunnyvale Realty Company

"Vasanthi's style of instruction made learning yoga easy, relaxing and fun!. The instructional sessions made the stretches simple to learn, even for the beginner. Using these practice sessions is an effortless way to incorporate yoga into my daily routine."

- Les Taylor, Director of Short Courses, De Anza College

"I had ruptured disc when I joined Vasanthi’s yoga class. My range of motion was very limited. I went against the better judgment of my doctors, who were afraid I would re-injure myself.

Vasanthi patiently guided me, helped me adjust the yoga positions suitable for my condition. Pranic healing relaxation further helped me get in touch with the area I was experiencing shooting pain. After 3 months I stopped taking medication and my doctor could not believe how fast I was healing."

- Anat Kedem

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Vasanthi Bhat
Vasanthi Bhat is the recipient of “Human Relations” award presented by Santa Clara County, California USA in 2002 for over two decades of her exceptional services to the community. She was also recognized at the World Pease Convention held in India in 1996 for her commendable service through yoga teachings in USA.

"If we put aside the modern struggle to seek fulfillment from outside of ourselves and instead, practice conscious breathing, we can learn to tap into our inner wisdom to relieve stress, improve health, and experience happiness."

-Vasanthi Bhat

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Vasantha Yoga Classes
Yoga classes are held on a quarterly basis as shown below. All classes are Virtual.
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Yoga for Back Pain $9.95
Yoga for Children $9.95
Yoga for Everyone $9.95
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Weight Loss Program with Hatha Yoga $9.95
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Power of Concious Breathing in Hatha -Yoga - 2nd Edition $15.95
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